About Body-Talk


Body Talk massage has been in business for 18 years.We originally started off in Victoria Park and have been in Ponsonby since October 2010.

We are fully qualified practitioners that have trained at NZCM ( New Zealand College of Massage) and Wellpark College respectively.We have done over 100,000 massages between us. We pride ourselves on being fully professional yet casual and if there is anything we can’t do, or out of our “scope of practice” we will gladly refer on.

The therapeutic benefits of massage are cumulative, and a regular massage will ensure that any chronic
or acute muscular pain from injury or just day to day living are able to be addressed.
So if you  suffer from a sore or stiff neck, pins and needles, tendinitis, muscle spasms, shoulder aches and pains from constantly using a keyboard, a sore back or any general body aches and pains, our experienced therapist can help you get back to feeling 100%.